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 We offer a range of facilities with a range of prices.  From the air conditioned Lodge with motel type rooms with linens supplied to the air conditioned bunk house style accommodations in the Cottages to the rustic screened cabins at the campground we have to meet your requirements and budget.  
We offer our standard menu, which includes a salad bar and also a simplified kid friendly menu at lower cost.
Breakfast        $ 9.00    per person
Lunch              $ 12.00    per person
Supper            $ 14.00  per person
The Low Ropes Challenge Course is $14 a person and the Rock Wall & Zip are each $14 a person, with a minimum of 10 people.  Each of these activities are led by certified/trained personnel.
Swimming, and the Water Activity Island are each $50 an hour. If you have more than 30 people swimming, add $20 as a second lifeguard is needed. Canoeing and Kayaks are $50 an hour.  Archery is $50 an hour and all are led by trained/certified personnel or lifeguards.
We do offer free recreational activities in an large open field.  **Accommodations must be made beforehand for equipment use.
We offer Volleyball, Football, Kickball, Softball, Gaga Ball and Frisbee just to name a few.
*Call Ida at 225 - 683 - 9420 to arrange accommodations, meals, and recreation to suit your needs and budget.