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Rock Wall and Zipline Pictures
Swimming at the Dip
Canoeing/Kayaking at Dunn Lake
Challenge Course Pictures
Recreation Release Form
Gaga Ball

The Feliciana Retreat Center offers a wide variety of recreational activities. Here is a list of activities that you can choose from.
Rock Wall - Zipline
You won't want to miss our rock climbing wall. The 30 foot high rock wall leads to a platform from which guests can zipline down. Climbers are belayed by trained staff to keep participants from falling. One or two participants can climb at one time.
Once they have reached the tower platform a certified facilitator will send them down the 300 foot long zip line. It is a must do activity while you are here at Feliciana Retreat Center. Adults, youth and kids agree it is outrageous fun.
Challenge Course
The Challenge Course winds through one of the many wooded areas of the Feliciana Retreat Center. Forget about the cut throat competition you see on television.  The Challenge Course groups participate in about three hours of team building activities led by one of our certified facilitators. The tasks presented develop aspects of community and teamwork such as trust, communication, and problem solving. The tasks are suitable for middle school aged groups and older and are selected to match the abilities of the participants.  Group sizes of 12 to 18 work best.  It is definitly one of our guests' favorite activities.
Take a dip in the Dip. Thats what we call the swimming area at Feliciana Retreat Center. The Dip is a small pond near the lodge. It is sectioned off for swimmers of all levels. A certified life guard must be on duty while swimming.
Activity Island - Newest Water Feature
The Activity Island is an inflatable floating structure that guests can enjoy some fun in the sun on.  It is situated at the Dip  near the main lodge. The activity island is a water trampoline with several fun attachments. You will love bouncing and playing on the activity island. A certified lifeguard must be on duty when using the iceberg and floatation jackets must be worn.
Our archery range is nestled among tall pine trees which provide shade for guests on hot summer days. Three guests can shoot at a time allowing for some friendly competition. All bows, arrows, wrist guards, and fingers guards are provided. Bows suitable for children to adults are available.  A trained archery instructor will demonstrate how to shoot and assist inexperienced guests.  Guests will be completely supervised during your archery time. 
You will certainly enjoy canoeing and/or kayaking on Dunn lake.  Life jackets are provided and required. Canoeing instructions will be provide and a certified life guard must be on duty when canoeing.
Mud Volleyball
This activity is certainly fun, but also a little messy. Imagine playing traditional volleyball in our mud pit. Guests who are brave enough to play say its great fun and a great mess. Forget what your mother always told you and play in the mud.
Gaga Ball is a mix between dodgeball and wall ball.  This is a fast paced, fun-filled activity.  It's a must do and completely FREE!!
Take a hike on one of the many trails at Feliciana Retreat Center. You will find a great variety of plants, and wildlife. One trail near the lodge actually has a great covered foot bridge that is fun to cross. No matter which trail you choose you are sure to have a great time. 
Bring your fishing gear to the Feliciana Retreat Center and fish in Dunn Lake. Fishing is catch and release and we require that guests fish in designated areas. There have been some fairly large bass caught over the years. You will love catching fish and enjoying the great scenery here at camp.
Open Field
Our large open field has endless possibilities - a volleyball net is already set up in an shaded area for a friendly game, two teetherball poles are also located in the shade, a backstop provides an opportunity for kickball and softball, or ask for some cones and set up a area for football, soccer or frisbee!  These are just a few of many activities that can be enjoyed in the open field.
**Please make arrangements for the equipment prior to arriving!